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SDF surfboards launch new range

SDF surfboards launch new range

SDF SURFBOARDS launch new range on

SDF surfboards are custom made hand shaped boards made in South wales by Sam Defeu.

SDF have been making quality boards since 2003 and remix have partnered with them to launch their new range for 2019.



At 16 years old ,Sam started his surfboard career at Wave Graffitti Surfboards as a floor sweeper / Ding repair boy. For the next 14 years.......... Sam worked his way up the ranks Glassing , Sanding ,Spraying and eventually Shaping Surfboards for a handful of Europes leading Surfboard Manufacturers of the time. In 2003 , Sam and his brother James set up their own factory on N.Gower trading as Sdfsurfboards.

Over the last decade and a half, Sdf has been lucky enough to have shaped for surfing champions , as well as worked with many ,many surfers, shaping a wide range of surfboard types for the individual and their wave choice.

Now in 2019 , trading as dUFEU Surfboards , we have opened a brand new surfboard factory  offering the same high quality Craftsmanship to all of our customers. Along with Friendly advice, dUFEU Surfboard Factory also offers an efficient Surfboard Repair Service for everyone.

SDF surfboards
view the range here on remixd

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