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3mm wetsuits -

summer wetsuits

Find the best wetsuits that are the best for surfing or any of your water activities. We supply the utmost quality of wetsuits to ensure our customers get their value for money and enjoy their activities this summer!

Vissla wetsuits 3mm

3mm wetsuits Made for cool water: 56 - 65° F / 13 - 18° C 

Remixd stock great wetsuits for surfing from californian surf brand Vissla 


• 100% Super stretch limestone based neoprene - lighter, warmer, softer, stretchier, easier to put on and take off, and allows for more freedom of movement 
• Thermal Brain Fuzz lining insulates heat and dries fast 
• Dope Dyed Fabric - a softer, eco-friendly, anti-fade stretch jersey made by Bluesign approved mills 

• Tailored fit - anatomically correct engineered body lines allow for unrestricted performance and warmth 

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