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Deflow / Adrein Toyon

Adrien Toyon x Deflow We love Adrien in constant research and development. After his latest trip to Desert Point we had a long talk wit...

introducing futures honeycomb series fins

Honeycomb ALL-AROUND PERFORMANCE Honeycomb fins have a lightweight hexagonal core which reduces the weight and maintains the flex properties. These fins are engineered with a medium flex pattern, making them stiffer than Blackstix but more flexible than fiberglass. These fins have a Ride Number range of 4-7

introducing futures tchflex series fins

Techflex LIGHT LIKE HONEYCOMB. STIFF LIKE FIBERGLASS. Techflex fins are engineered to be stiff and light. These fins will give you a solid and engaged feel for those big drops yet be lightweight and responsive when engaging the rail. These fins sit above the fiberglass line and have a Ride Number range of 3 - 4.

introducing futures blackstix series fins

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Blackstix SAME SPRING. MORE DRIVE. For ten years Blackstix fins have been a staple in Futures line as a reliable way to generate speed and make your board feel more lively. Our new Blackstix maintain Ride Numbers in the Speed Generating range of 10 to 7

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