About Us

Remix distribution was born in June 2013 and brings in Fresh new brands for the youth sports market. With a diverse range of products Remix hopes to bring together brands that cover people from all types of ages, backgrounds and social circles to unite them when it comes to having Phun with their sport and their fashion


Remixd was born out of the need to showcase the brands that remix sells.  It is a retail showroom to showpiece the brands in their full glory to the public, why should some of the best ranges only have selected products available  - this way all the ranges of the brands remix does will be on sale here and other fine establishments around the country.  Call into your local store and nag them to buy it so you can get your hands on a the products each time before you buy.


We are based in Swansea and definitely live the lifestyle we sell!  Below are the brands we currently focus on

Adams surfboards

Nectar sunglasses

Vissla wetsuits

Vissla clothing

D'blanc eyewear

Venon Surfboards

arcade surf mfg

Modom surf accesories

Chilli surfboards

Deflow fins 

Passenger clothing


Hydroponic skatebaords

Team phun


Please feel free to contact us on:-  01792 421138  or via email remixdistribution@gmail.com