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Each year, the Earth gives us more than 20 billion of them to use as we please. Most of the time, the inner portion of the nut is made into food, medical and cosmetic products. The outer husk is considered waste and discarded; only to be transported to sit and rot in a landfill. This is an inefficient process that brings unwarranted harm upon the environment. Turns out that coconut husks blended with polyester are a perfect material to make boardshorts out of. Thanks to a process called Cocotex®, the overlooked “waste” is turned into an activated carbon fabric. And the properties of this fabric are everything you could ever wish for in a pair of trunks.


  • The Cocotex® fabric will flex, twist and contort to meet your every move. These boardshorts have all the elasticity of any other material on the market, but they attain it naturally.


  • The activated carbon fabric is characterized by open pores. So instead of soaking water, these boardshorts actually siphon and repel it. You’ll notice that they dry faster than a normal boardshort, and your legs will notice (and thank you for) the lack of rash.


  • Adsorption is when one material sticks to the surface of another. As a result of Cocotex® adsorptive properties, odor molecules are trapped within the carbon surface. So go ahead and count a quick surf as doing some laundry — these shorts won’t stink.

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Vissla Tropical Pleasures 18.5" Boardshort
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    Vissla Minds Eye 17.5" Ecolastic
    Regular price£69.99 GBP
      Vissla Stoke'm 17.5" Boardshort- Faded Denim
      Regular price£74.99 GBP
        Vissla Greenhouse 17.5" Ecolastic
        Regular price£69.99 GBP
          Vissla Garden Isle 17.5" Boardshort
          Regular price£74.99 GBP
            VIssla Jabber 18.5" Boardshort
            Regular price£74.99 GBP
              Vissla Da Fin 16.5" Boardshort / black
              Regular price£69.99 GBP£48.99 GBP
                Vissla Da bush 18.5" - Phantom
                Regular price£69.99 GBP£34.99 GBP
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