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Passenger Clothing's ECO credentials

Passenger Clothing's ECO credentials
passenger clothing


Waves & Trees are at the heart of Passenger.

These are the places we play, the place we roam and the places that inspire everything we do. We’re rooted in the natural spaces, at home in the New Forest we’re surrounded by the ocean and forests, a constant source of escapism. I have always found myself travelling to destinations and regions surrounded by waves & trees. From forest covered mountains, chasing swell or getting lost in my campervan. It all started while travelling the remote wilds of British Columbia, Canada in the early days of Passenger. As I sat on a driftwood trunk, stoking the fire and drying out after scoring some waves everything felt right. Dense forest behind me, waves ahead I had everything I needed, nothing else mattered. It was in that moment the Waves & Trees initiative was born. Giving something back, paying respect to the places we play and laying down roots for today and tomorrow is just the start of our journey. No matter where this road takes us, the places we travel or what adventures await. We’ll always find home amongst the waves and trees.

Richard Sutcliffe



It’s not always easy to describe the connection that many of us feel if we stop and listen when surrounded by trees. Everyone at Passenger has felt the lure of the forest and ocean which is the reason we all live where we do, we feel lucky to be surrounded by them but it’s not something we take for granted. We are currently working with partners to plant trees in Canada, USA, Ireland Scotland, Africa and South America

This season, your order will plant a native tree in BC, Canada and a fruit tree in Africa.

passenger clothing


As original partners of The Plastic Project and affiliates of Surfers Against Sewage, Passenger is focused on reducing single use plastics and cleaning up our oceans.

We've got boardshorts made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and our outbound packaging contains zero non recycled or recyclable materials. Nothing but beach, nothing but sea. Aside from our brand commitments to waves, the Passenger team regularly hosts community beach cleans close to home, getting stuck in on an individual level is time well spent.

Wave after wave, we're on a journey to minimise our waste, protect our seas, reduce our impact and footprint as a company and as individuals.


Each planting site is unique and benefits from tree planting in different ways. To date, we've planted over 30,000 trees in turf all over the globe. Species such as Willow, Alder, Birch, Scots Pine, Rowan Ash, Holly, Black and White Thorne, Douglas Fir, Hardwoods, Sessile Oak and even fruit trees.

Everytime we receive an order that's another tree planted, which is a wicked motivator for us.

passenger clothing
passenger clothing


The Waves & Trees movement gives our community the option to make a real difference by planting a tree and helping to clean up our oceans when picking up clothing and accessories for their journeys, and that makes good sense on every level.

We provide people with products that become true travel companions; that tee you wore all summer, the backpack that hauled your essentials throught thick and thin, the boardshorts that went from land to sea, from coast to coast.

This ethos is embroidered into our products, and the W&T emblem represents travel & adventure with roots.


By partnering with like-minded people and organisations we can do far more than we could on our own. We’re stronger than our individual parts and can make a difference by planting and protecting the trees on our doorstep and on each others. A tree in Canada, Australia, Ireland or Africa is just as valuable to all of us as the tree outside our window.

passenger clothing
passenger clothing
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