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How To Buy The Right Surfboard

Knowing how to choose the right surfboard can be a make or break for your surfing experience! You can either have the time of your life and rethink your career surfing on your new surfboard, or you can fall into a mini depression as you can’t utilise your abilities on a board that is not meant for you. This may sound too dramatic however if you do decide on the wrong board you'll shortly realise the struggle is real!

One of the best parts of your surfing experience is the pursuit of finding your next surfboard, however, if you don’t know much about the surfboard. Then your surfboard search can become an overwhelming and annoying task, Finding a surfboard that suits your needs can be a confusing task especially when it comes to beginner and intermediate surfers

The board you need as a beginner when you are new to surfing is different from the surfboard you will get once you have learnt the way of the waves and become more experienced riding a surfboard. You will find there’s a variety of surfboards, such as big wave boards, high-performance boards and retro boards, then of course you need to consider the size.





As we said above the surfers who are just starting will only need a beginner surfboard so they can learn how to surf and get to a level where they start to progress

As a new surfer, you will want a board that has plenty of stability and volume. It should be around 7-8 feet and around 22 inches wide and 3 inches thick. A board this size will provide plenty of volumes, this ensures they can paddle. A soft-top surfboard is a great option for beginners

A board around this size will provide plenty of volumes to ensure they can paddle into waves. A soft-top surfboard is a good option for beginners as they provide lots of float and stability while being safer in the line-up.

The more comfortable and the more years you get under your belt, the shorter your board can be, you should test yourself on a less lengthy board to see how well you can balance and if you are comfortable. Professionals normally use fibreglass boards that are much harder to balance on, but they are designed for high performance.

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