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Lakey Peterson at Teahupoo

LAKEY PETERSON'S FIRST TIME SURFING TEAHUPOO Living vicariously through Lakey as she pulls herself into crystal blue barrels on repeat during her ...

Checking in with Lakey Peterson

LAKEY PETERSON // A DAY IN THE LIFE OF SELF QUARANTINE- COVID-19 Checking in w/ Lakey Peterson With everyone spread across the globe, daily life usually looks a bit different from Sisstr to Sisstr. However, in a time when we’ve all been called to stay in,

Lakey Peterson signs with Sisstr

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Sisstrevolution turns one in a week but we’re celebrating over here a little early for a totally different reason.

We’ve just signed 2020 World Title contender Lakey Peterson to top off our team of surfers!

The surf hyped crew here at Sisstr has kept a watchful eye on the new stage of upcoming performance surfers. Our ambition, goal, our effort, our of essential importance task; to sign a top competitor on the World Championship Tour.

Increasing efforts in sustainability

Sisstr is proud to be bluesign® Approved What’s bluesign® Approved? Powered by a holistic approach, bluesign® is a system that provides safer and more sustainable environments for people to work in and everyone to live in;

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