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Lakey Peterson at Teahupoo

Lakey Peterson at Teahupoo


Living vicariously through Lakey as she pulls herself into crystal blue barrels on repeat during her first time at Chopes...
With Teahupoo on the schedule for the women's CT next year, she picked the right spot to get some practice in.


I have wanted to go for a while now, but just never found the right time with the busy WSL schedule,” Lakey said about the trip. “With COVID this year, it’s been nice to have a break from all the travel. But once we saw that Tahiti was on the schedule for the women next year, I couldn’t book my flights fast enough.

I really felt like I needed to go surf the wave and figure it out a bit. This has definitely been a weaker attribute to my surfing. It’s such a powerful, scary and beautiful wave that I now have so much respect for it. Hopefully I get to go back soon.


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