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Ecomb wax comb

Ecomb wax comb

The story of Ecomb

"The ecomb is made using 100% reclaimed plastic that could otherwise have been sent to landfill or worse still in our oceans!"


Going back 13 years ago during our honeymoon to Malaysia my wife and I went on a snorkelling trip to a remote island. The idea was to be a nice romantic escape however, when we arrived there the romance was quickly replaced by the horror, when we witnessed what is now widely known as ocean waste plastic. It completely ruined our experience and has stuck with us ever since and therefore decided to do something to help, all be it 13 years later!


And that's when we came up with the ecomb!


The ecomb is a surfboard wax comb and is produced using 100% reclaimed plastic fishing nets and other ocean waste plastics which would have otherwise gone to landfill or worse still left in our oceans. This not only maximises the plastics use but also prevents our ocean life being afflicted by plastic waste. So help us to try and remove the plastic from our beautiful oceans with the only ocean waste plastic surfboard wax comb the ecomb.

ecomb wax comb
Loz - Engineer
ecomb wax comb
Gemma - Accounts
ecomb wax comb
Alex - The Ideas Guy
ecomb wax comb
Lily - Photographer

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