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Balin surf hardware

Balin was established in 1974 on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula

- famed for its rugged coastline, heavy surf and variable weather.

Founded in Flinders by Jon Wilson and Ian Brett, Balin started out as a way for a couple of local surfers and their mates to make some money on the side and support their surfing lifestyle.

Focusing on shaping boards and manufacturing some of the world’s earliest leg ropes, Balin become a pioneer of the 1970s Australian surf culture revolution.

Through constant testing and refinement, Jon and Ian created a patented moulded end piece for leashes that would set the standard for the global market and soon Balin products could be found in surf shops all over the world.

Today, Jon Wilson still owns Balin, still surfs, and still pushes the boundaries to ensure that Balin leashes, board bags and deck grips feel like they’re designed by experienced surfers for all conditions.

Balin surf hardware

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