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The New Vissla High seas wetsuits

High performance, lightweight with unparalleled flexibility. The High Seas is our most high-performance wetsuit engineered to be lightweight and f...

Vissla Real Fun collection

Real Fun collection Meet Daren Magee of Real Fun, Wow! When we initially stumbled across Daren’s artwork we were drawn to the timeless feeling of it–– the way that scrolling through his prints felt like flipping through pages of an old vintage art book.

Vissla Outside sets - DJ. Javier collection

D.J. JAVIER | OUTSIDE SETS COLLECTION We are proud to introduce our Outside Sets collection featuring artwork by Santa Barbara-based artist and graphic designer, D.J. Javier.Professional doodler, surfer & all around good-vibes-guy, D.J.'s work pays homage to the art, music and surf scene

Vissla made for Beach Grit

Vissla made for Beach Grit The truth is, we’re just two brands that weren’t meant to collaborate, but did. With reluctancy and hesitation, we present youthe BeachGrit Collection: a spread of goods for those who enjoy click-bait headlines, surf junk and short boardshorts.

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