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Affiliate programme - make money with us!

Affiliate programme - make money with us!

Remixd has just started an affiliate marketing group.  The idea is :-  we love what we do and see that lots of others love the same thing and also enjoy the way we are doing it - so instead of promoting and sharing us for free - why not sign up and start to make comission on any sales that come from you writing about us - sharing our posts or products - or just telling you social network about us.

this is the link to sign up

here you can sign up and then we will keep you updated with news and new arrivals and upcoming promotions and offers, you can then choose which of those you want to help promote - then we can track to see if any traffic (and sales) come from your referals and pay you a set comission once the sale is made!  easy!

here is the sign up form directly



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