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Quiver Grip

Quiver Grip


QuiverGrip started the way many good ideas do — Scott, founder and surfer, had an itch and scratched it. Bothered by the problem of not only storing his boards but also keeping it safe from dings, Scott imagined a better solution. One that was simple to install, safe to use and securely protect the board.Scott teamed with business partners and friends, Brian and Eric, to invent what they believed would be a cure-all product for surfboard storage. They called it “QuiverGrip.” (Quiv·er - a group of surfboards of different lengths and shapes for use with different types of waves.) The first version was funded with the help of surfers and grassroots support via Kickstarter and sold out its first run of 5,000 units. The successfully funded campaign proved to be more than a proof of concept and gave way to the refined 2.0 version in which the design and materials have been further engineered to achieve its goal of being a “cure-all” for surfboard storage and protection. The QuiverGrip is a perfect companion for your surfboard

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quiver grip
Quiver Grip surfboard rack
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