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phix doctor

Phix Doctor

PHIX DOCTOR – Better Resin – Better Repairs!

Offering Sun Curing and Catalyst Ding Repair Kits and Ding Repair Resins for Polyester and Epoxy Surfboards

Our mission is simple, to create the most cost effective, and environmentally responsible ding repair and board maintenance solutions using the highest performance resins and materials to get you back in the water fast, no matter where you happen to be…

Our inspiration and experience has roots going back to 1983 when Tony Gowen started making the first surfboard repair kits for surf shops around his home in Haleiwa, Hawaii. High performance and attention to environment is in our dna, and an important part of how we think when we source and design our board maintenance products.

Tony Gowen of Phix Doctor Ding Repair Kits surfing

Tony Gowen doing what he does when not slaving over resin!

Phix Doctor continues to lead with innovative and unique products like Super Sap Epoxy, partially sourced from tree sap into the highest performance epoxy available and used by leading board manufacturers…and universal, sunpowered resins that are non-toxic, non-yellowing, have endless shelf life,and clean up with soap and water!

Committed to being the greenest choice you can make, Phix Doctor uses flexible packaging that’s more efficient when it comes to the amount of raw materials used, shipping, storing and landfill impact, reducing our carbon footprint to 1/23rd of the rigid plastic containers used by our competitors.

In a perfect world our boards never get dings…but in this world it’s not if, but when….and we hope you will look to Phix Doctor to make it right!

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