U-lace Mix-n-Match Army green laces

U-lace Mix-n-Match Army green laces


  • £2.50
  • Save £1.49

Pack contains 6 U-Laces, enough to lace a single shoe.

Pack also includes:
– Full Color mini instruction guide
– Full Color mini lacing ideas guide
– Die-Cut U-Lace sticker

Product Description

NEW! Want more than one colour but don’t want to buy three packs just to get them? Now you are no longer limited to our ten preselected Multi-Packs. With Mix-N-Match, you get exactly the laces you want, in exactly the colours you need.

Pick out the colours you want and create your own custom design. Create a set with your school colours, team colours,  t-shirt, hat, etc. With Mix-N-Match it is now super easy to trick many pairs of kicks – or a single pair of kicks – as often as you like. Match whatever you want to match. Get all your favourite colours at this great low price!

NOTE: Each Mix-N-Match pack contains 6 U-Laces. You’ll need one U-Lace per set of eyelets that you want to lace.

One Mix-N-Match pack is not intended to completely lace up a pair of sneakers. The average classic low-top sneaker or skate sneaker will require 6 segments per sneaker – 12 segments for the pair. Combine packs to get the laces you need. 2-colour lace-ups require 2 packs, 3-colour lace-ups require 3 packs, and so on. High-tops will have more eyelets. Count your eyelets, plan your lace-ups, and buy the segments you need!