Surf Ratz Water Kids T-shirt – White

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Surf ratz

£9.99 £14.99

Another great design for the collection, the Surf Ratz Water T-shirt offers a glimpse of the sea surrounding Rat Island (home of the Surf Ratz) through a graffiti stencil window of the words “Surf Ratz” .
The back of this shirt also features the Surf Ratz X-Boards logo printed high on the back, this will make people aware that they have a seriously cool operator ahead.
The left sleeve is decorated with our woven SR hem label.
The crisp white colour of this Surf Ratz Water T-shirt contrasts perfectly with the cool blues of the print, making it an ideal wardrobe selection for a sunny day.
The Water T-shirt will provide it’s wearer with a sense of cool, tranquil, ocean blue, water.

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