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Phix Doctor Dura resin & curing light combo

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Phix Doctor Dura resin & curing light combo

Dura Rez by Phix Doctor is the ultimate all in one ding repair resin. Dura Rez is a fibre filled ding solution which cures in only 2-3 minutes* and fixes both Polyester and Epoxy surfboards! Dura Rez is non-yellowing and is the only product of this kind on the market that can boast an endless shelf life! This combo pack also comes with a 9 LED Ultra Violet Curing light, the perfect cure for any Phix Doctor products that contain SunPowered resin for surfboard repair. 

Dura Rezn & Curing Light Combo Key Features:

  • Epoxy/poly safe sunpowered dura rezn
  • Fibre Filled, UV sun cure resin (1.25 oz / 38 ml)
  • Powerful curing light
  • Cures in only 2-3 minutes*
  • Non-yellowing formula
  • Endless shelf life
  • Airline Approved
  • Includes a clear magnifier sheet to allow the resin to be molded for a super clean repair

NOTE: Three AAA Batteries required (NOT INCLUDED)

*To achieve such curing times a plastic cover must be used in order to block oxygen intake, which promotes a fast 2 minute cure.