Panama Jack Kids Continuous Clear Spray SPF50

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Panama Jack Kids Continuous Clear Spray SPF50 Sunscreen is a rub-free, fast drying, non-greasy, clear spray that provides quick and easy protection from the sun. Spray at any angle for quick and even coverage - ideal for those hard to reach places like your back, and for children who just won't keep still long enough for you to apply and rub in a sun cream or lotion.

It provides excellent protection in a Continuous Clear Spray for children and/or sunny days in a quick drying, non-greasy formula.

All the products in the range boast the following features:

- protects against both UVA and UVB radiation

- water and sweat resistant formula

- easy spray action without the need for pumping

- supplied in a 177ml canister

Please Note: Unfortunately the Post Office doesn't allow us to send aerosol cans abroad via Airmail.

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