Hydroponic Trento Sushi surf skate

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Hydroponic Trento Sushi surf skate


The Hydroponic TRENTO SUSHI has been manufactured with 7 plies of Canadian Hard Rock Maple and Epoxy Resin, capable of resisting weights of 350 kg/ cm².

The Hydroponic TRENTO SUSHI is one of the new Hydroponic Surf Skate Family decks, along with the DAMBA and DOWNING, a collection inspired by our love of Surfing and Skating. This board is a medium sized deck, suitable for mid to big sized riders.

The Hydroponic TRENTO SUSHI lets you ride your skateboard as if you were truly surfing your board in the sea. You will need to position your weight on the back truck, so you can feel the ‘Fin Effect’ and gain stability while keeping the 360 turning sensations thanks to the rotating front truck. Once you accomplish the perfect balance, your riding will crossover instantly!

Front trucks use lateral semi-rotation to make you hard-carve to get speed, and turn through cutbacks and bottom turns, just as if you were surfing in a barrel wave.


Size: 28’’ x 9’‘

Surf Skate Trucks 160 mm

Buddha Wheels LINES Red 65 x 51 mm 80A

Bearings: Hydroponic ABEC 7 + spacers