3 in 1 Phone Clip Lens Fisheye Lens Wide Angle Macro Lenses

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Gold coast



3 in 1 Universal Clip Fish eye Lens

Wide angle, Macro lens, fish eye lens are all in one clip lenses. Cool design, portable and lightweight.

Twenty Times polished

This fisheye lens is a high quality optical lenses, these have been polished twenty times, They are very clear and have obvious heightened optical effect.

Great Adapdability

You can clip to any smartphone (suitable for iPhone, for iPad, for Sumsang, for HTC, and other smart phones), can also be clipped to a laptop / tablet PCs.

Detachable Clip

Clip the lens on the camera,and it works! . Use anywhere, no need to remove, does not affect the appearance.

Good accessories for traveling

You can take it when go traveling, and take beautiful pictures, it truly meets the needs of all budding photographers! You and your friends can share this lens,too.


Type:Clip Lens

Material: Glass lenses,Aluminium alloy,lastics

Wide-angle Multiples: 0.67

Fisheye Lens Degree: 180 degree

Item Size:5.3*2.5*2.2cm/2.1*1*0.9”(L*W*H)

Net Weight: 40g/1.4oz


2*Lens Cover

1*Universal Clip

1*Fish Eye Lens

1*Wide Angle Lens

1*Microfiber Bag


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