20x Universal Telephoto Telescope Mobile Phone Lens

Gold coast



  •   The telescope has 20 times zoom, which can adjust the focal length really well.

  •   The telescope can be used as a monocular.

  •   Fits most kinds of mobile phones, including flip phones,

  •   Phone with back camera, can be connected to the telescope through the clip.

  •   Mobile phone's quality of imaging can be improved greatly.

  •   Can be used to watch sport, concerts, observe animals, news reporter long-distance shooting etc.

Package includes:

  • 1 x 20x Mobile Telephoto Lens 

34 (3)


  •     1. Please use it with care, because lens are adjusted accurately, if it drops or is hit, the field of vision maybe unmatched and picture will be defective.

  •     2. Please don't drop into water. If it drops into water, please dry it quickly!

  •     3. Please don't look at the sun absolutely, your could seriously damage your eyes.

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