RealWiings are a unique paddling aid that can improve speed and arm paddling efficiency of any type of board paddling including; surfing, body boarding and surf life saving.

RealWiiings are also a great training tool to help enhance swimming performance, or for injury prevention and rehabilitation training for any sport involving arm paddling. The unique design of RealWiiings is in the attachment at the wrist or anywhere along the lower arm to mid arm, between the wrist and the elbow. Unlike any other paddling aid on the market, the paddling load is spread from the hands only, to the outside of the lower to mid arm. RealWiiings are the 1st paddling aid produced that allows for full use of your hands, therefore, RealWiiings have no affect on the ability to grab a surf board or paddle board, or to push down on the board comfortably. It takes swim training to the next level by using the free hands for any other hand training aid at the same time (kick board, finger or hand paddles, tennis ball, or clenched fist etc).

Swimming Training Aid & Water Recovery

Take swim teaching or coaching to another level by giving the swimmer multiple paddling aids or various swim training aids at the same time. This will advance upper body strength training and injury prevention and rehabilitation training and also allows for a whole repertoire of swimming drills, see below;

  • RealWiiings and a kick board for paddling technique drills.
  • RealWiiings and finger paddles to improve hand placement and arm biomechanics
  • RealWiiings and a tennis ball or clenched fist to improve arm biometrics during paddling.