Chilli surfboards uk

Jamie Cheal Name: Jamie Cheal
Years Shaping: 1995
Trained With: Greg Webber, Greg Clough
~ 4 Weeks
Chilli Surfboards are shaped by Jamie Cheal. Jamie shaped his first board when he was 22, a few years later Chilli Surfboards was born and has grown to become a household brand among surfers around the world. Today the world's best choose to ride Chilli boards, in 2004 Andy Irons surfed his way to win his third world tour title on boards shaped and refined by Jamie Cheal. Surfers like Mitch Coleborn, Laura Enever, Tiago Pires, Cooper Chapman and Chris Friend all choose to ride Chilli Surfboards today, testing and refining their craft in all conditions around the globe. With exceptional attention to detail and a high level of quality control Chilli offer several surfboard collections to suit most surfers and wave types. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a high performance surfer competing, they will have a board for you.