U-lace Yanks elastic shoe laces

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U-lace Yanks elastic shoe laces

4 White, 6 Silver, 6 black U-Lace, 2 White Top Lace


U-Lace Big Pack Classic (16 Lace Pack)

Pack contains 16 U-Laces, and one top lace,

enough to lace a pair of sneakers.

Pack also includes:

– Full Color mini instruction guide

– Full Color mini lacing ideas guide

– Die-Cut U-Lace sticker

Pack is fully backed by the U-Lace

product guarantee.


Product Description

U-Lace Yanks Multi-Pack Shoelaces | Customize your Sneaker & Shoe Laces with U-Lace. The World’s First & Only Modular Customizing Lacing System.

16 U-Lace Segments

  • 4 White
  • 6 Silver
  • 6 black

1 Pair 24″ top Laces

  • White