Adams surfboards - the player

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All Adams surfboards bought online will be custom made to order and will be delivered in approximatley 4 weeks.

Adams Surfboards THE PLAYER

This is the ultimate small wave summer board.

The Player features a deep double concave right through to the nose creating lots of lift & glide over flat sections whilst the retro beak style nose allows more foam under your shoulders for speedy paddling and ease of wave entry.

This model also has a slightly flatter rocker than usual which helps make the most of the sloppy surf around the UK.

The tail on this model also has a double bump through the hip allowing tighter in the pocket turns, comes as a five plug setup for use as a quad or a thruster.

Order 1″ to 2″ shorter than your standard shortboard.

Wave range 1 to 4ft.

Sizes 5″6 to 6″8″