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If you believe that any surfboard will be good for your surfing needs and there isn’t much a difference amongst different types of boards available, you haven’t checkout out what we have to offer you at Remixd. Formed by a team of enthusiasts who have a passion for surfing, we have handpicked different types of surfboards to ensure that you don’t have to adjust or compromise with what is offered to you.
Remixd offers you a great variety of surfboards. We have different products like soft boards, fun boards, hybrid boards, performance boards we stock Chilli, Adams, SDF, Venon, Catch surf etc
If the price of surfboards is your concern and you want to buy something that isn’t too expensive, check out our range of affordable surfboards. We also offer payment plans. 
If you are looking for some advice related to the type of surfboards you should purchase, get in touch with our team at Remixd.