Glass is the healthiest material we can use to ingest water or any other liquid.

The vast majority of plastic bottles give off substances and agents toxic to our body and, in addition, the more times we reuse the bottle and the longer it goes exposed to the sun or changes in temperature, more harmful substances will be ingesting.

The glass of our nuoc bottles is manufactured using a handmade process with high quality borosilicate glass. For this reason and by its design of square forms each nuoc bottle is unique and different.

Borosilicate glass does not contain heavy metals or other toxic substances, which makes nuoc the perfect bottle to drink any type of drink. Borosilicate is a 100% recyclable, tasteless and odorless glass, the lightest on the market, lighter and brighter and, most importantly, despite its lightness, it is the most resistant glass to temperature changes, supporting both, heat such as cold (boiling water / ice) which makes its useful life longer than that of other types of glass.

Nuoc is one of the lifestyle glass bottles with less weight on the market, 140 g. (270 g. silicone sleeve and cap included) making it more practical and comfortable to take with you daily and anywhere, because to nuoc the most important thing is that you can Hydrate you anywhere and anytime in the most healthy and comfortable way. Hence its wide mouthpiece with which to drink in a more comfortable and simple; Very practical to be able to easily fill it both water and any other liquid.