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i love the seaside

i love the seaside

We’re a small team of surfing, ocean-loving, travel-stoked people who love to share their passion, discoveries and connect people, stories, initiatives with like-minded people.


After years of extensive travelling and surfing along the shores of Europe we came up with the idea of a surf and travel guide – you know, an actual book: paper, pages, inspiration, words and photos. A book you can bring along on your travels, leaf through on the beach, make notes in or read before you go.


Because we love Europe: the beauty of its coastline, the differences, small villages and impressive landscapes. There’s so much more to see, do, meet, enjoy and learn at the seaside then just the waves. We are surfers and we know surfers and how they travel or spend their holiday. At the seaside! They travel alone, with their families, friends. So, besides surfing we figured that you maybe want to know more about the seaside surroundings, the vibe and the local people.

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Vissla High Seas 5mm round toe wetsuit boot

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Vissla High Seas 5mm round toe wetsuit boot

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