Modom Taj burrow deck pad - white

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Modom Taj burrow deck pad - white

3 piece pad

5mm arch

Modom square castle cut EVA

Increased surface density

Lazer cut fissures

High kick

  1. deck surface.



  1. Modom’s own cutting tool creates our signature ‘Castle Cut’ diamond texture EVA, with added grit between each diamond for advanced traction. Each pad uses high quality EVA created to our own specific density, ensuring optimal grip in all conditions and water temperatures.
  2. Modom uses a specific 3M Adhesive backing, which has premium bond strength and the highest salt resistance.
  3. Medium kick featuring Taj designed angled bevelled edge to reduce drag.
  4. Lazer cut surface perforations to reduce weight and add extra traction points for your foot.
  5. Arch bars and kick heights vary in size across the range to specifically suit team riders requests and surfers needs.