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Samantha Sibley in & seas wetsuit

Samantha Sibley in & seas wetsuit


She Keeps the Chill Outta Her Lay-Back Snap


Don't let the chill slow you down either.



SISSTREVOLUTION 7 Seas Wetsuit Collection

Sisstrevolution has designed a suit that does exactly what it’s supposed to do: provide warmth, flexibility and performance in the ocean.

Surf Warm Sisstr.

Featuring Sisstervolution 7 Seas 3/2 + 4/3 Chest Zip

Team Rider: Samantha Sibley

Film by Victor Pakpour

Music by ‘War Is Not Over’ by Melody Syndrome

Warmer Waters


In a performace-minded springsuit for breezy days + slightly cooler mornings

7 SEAS 2mm long sleeve springsuit with boyshort cut bottom in an all over tropical palm print

Shop now on for all sisstrevolution products using the link below

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