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introducing futures honeycomb series fins

introducing futures honeycomb series fins



Honeycomb fins have a lightweight hexagonal core which reduces the weight and maintains the flex properties. These fins are engineered with a medium flex pattern, making them stiffer than Blackstix but more flexible than fiberglass. These fins have a Ride Number range of 4-7 and are great all around fins for any condition.

Ethan Ewing - DHD
Futures Fins honeycomb core

Honeycomb Core


The hexagonal foam core mat in these fins reduces the resin content, making the fin lighter while keeping the fin stiff where it counts. This gives these fins a medium flex pattern making them a great all around performer. From mushy beach breaks to pumping reef points, honeycomb fins are the standard when it comes to upgrade fins.

Balanced Performance


The medium flex pattern of honeycomb fins makes this fin an all around performer. They have a Ride Number range of 4-7, putting them in the balanced category. Honeycomb is the go to fin for all around surfing. These fins are designed to gain drive down the line, maintain hold in turns, or boost airs in all conditions.

Futures Fins balanced performance

Jordy Signature


The Jordy Large, designed by championship tour surfer Jordy Smith, is a large sized fin in the Rake template category. This set is the daily driver for Jordy’s assault on the World Tour. The Honeycomb construction provides a balanced flex pattern, perfectly suited for Jordy’s smooth lines. The center fin is smaller than the side fins for increased maneuverability.

Jordy Smith fins
Jordy Smith fins Ride Number 5.1



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