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introducing futures blackstix series fins

introducing futures blackstix series fins



For ten years Blackstix fins have been a staple in Futures line as a reliable way to generate speed and make your board feel more lively. Our new Blackstix maintain Ride Numbers in the Speed Generating range of 10 to 7, and are designed with new materials and engineered layup for an enhanced ride.

Futures Fins unidirectional carbon

23 Degree


We’ve added two layers of unidirectional carbon to the base of the fins, at an angle that controls how the tip of the fin bends and rotates. This makes Blackstix 3.0 hold better through power turns while feeling just as springy as Blackstix 2.0.



We’ve put asymmetrical carbon panels on the inside and outside of the fin, while allowing only the carbon placed on the inside of the fin to climb completely to the tip. Having this carbon on both sides of the base creates a solid, drivey feel, but with carbon on the outside of the fin climbing only partially up the fin, the fin progressively flexes more as it gets closer to the tip. This gives a snappy feel to your board and enables the unique liveliness that only Blackstix can provide.

Futures Fins assymetrical
Futures Fins epoxy resin

Epoxy Resin


To add one more layer of performance to the Blackstix, we use epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is lighter, tougher & more resilient than polyester resin. These features all play a role in making the Blackstix the lightest & fastest fins in the world. As a bonus, epoxy emits 50-75% fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds) than polyester resin, which means a decrease in harmful chemicals in our environment.

V2 Foil


Feel the stringer facing side of any leading fin in a Blackstix set, and you’ll notice it feels curved near the base and trailing edge. This is one aspect of the V2 foil - a revolution in fin design over decade ago that is still improving how water flows across fins today. The V2 foil creates an effortless feeling rail-to-rail linkage, so you can keep speed while setting up big maneuvers down the line, even when the waves you’re surfing lack power.

Futures Fins V2 Foil

Craig Anderson


"I developed this fin with Futures and Haydenshapes. It took nearly five years to get to this point and I'm stoked with the final outcome. The fin's base is wider to provide plenty of baseline drive to any board. The template is slightly drawn back, with less area in the tip to provide a crisp release. The Blackstix 3.0 construction and the V2 foil power the fin up through turns giving a continuous speed generating feel." - Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson air
Futures Fins Ando Blackstix



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