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Lilly Rice Joins Nectar - read her story.

Lilly Rice Joins Nectar - read her story.

Lily Rice aged 13.

Lily is currently the only girl riding WCMX (Wheel Chair Motor Cross) in the UK. WCMX is a mix of BMX and Skateboarding and is practiced at Skateparks by wheelchair users. It is a relatively new sport, particularly in the UK.

Lilly has HSP (Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia) a rare genetic disability that causes progressive weakness and tightness in the lower body.  She has to undergo many invasive treatments, but she never lets it hold her back or stop her from trying to acheive her goals. She is also  part of the Welsh swimming squad and  competes with the world’s best. 

Her  local skatepark is Haverfordwest, where she practices her new tricks, dropping into the bowls and getting air on the box. She  loves finding new parks all over the country to experiment on and meeting other skaters and bmx'ers.

WCMX started in America approximately 10 years ago and Lilly met the current World Champion Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham whilst he was touring with Nitro Circus last year. They stayed in touch and he donated his old wheelchair to her,  that is when her love for WCMX began only 4 months ago and the rest is history. Wheelz is famous for opening the Paralympic games in Rio in 2016. He is an inspirational role model to all wheel chair users and Lilly  wishes to emulate his success as a female athlete in the UK and this is what pushes her.

Check out this short film made by  film makers Steven Clarey & Jack Abbott about what Lilly does. This can be seen here. 

Lilly aims are to raise awareness of WCMX for people with disabilities, demonstrating that you can still have fun ripping it up at skateparks just like able bodied people. 

Skateboarding makes its debut at the next Olympic Games in 2020 and Lilly is hoping that WCMX will be included in the Paralympics by then. Lilly's goals are clear, she aims to be the first British WCMX Athlete to attend the WCMX World Championships in California in March 2018 and hopefully one day compete in the olympics.

Check out her instagram and you tube channels below

Nectar are super proud to be behind Lilly and what she represents - she truly is living the sweet life and her outlook on life truly suits the Nectar brand.



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  • i love lily rice even tho i have not sen her perform she is a amazing person she has inspired me very much i love you lily


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