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Vissla Wetsuits - the seven seas suit is the highest spec most comfortable stylish suit for the price tag you will find


Vissla have just dropped some new rubber pieces for the cooler months and they look highly wearable. All the suits are made in Japan, which is a real good start, because it’s universally known that while Japanese-made suits have always been difficult to come by, they’re also the best quality. Japan is like the golden triangle in Paris for wetsuits. BEWET is the Japanese company who Vissla are rolling with, and polychloroprene is a term that means nothing to you but in this case is made of 100 percent limestone instead of the usual petroleum, which BEWET won’t use. And…

Here’s a little story: “The limestone is sourced in the Kurochime Mountains area in Niigata, Japan. They were originally plankton piled up over 300 million years ago in the Pacific Ocean, making it one of the highest degrees in purity. The limestone is heated with cokes (fuel with few impurities) to make a carbide bond. Then the carbide is processed with acetylene gas and hydrochloric acid to make polychloropene. To heat the materials, the factory uses only hydroelectric power that comes from 15 power stations located in the Hida Mountains. This makes it self-sustainable and eco friendly. Corn oil is used as softener instead of petroleum additives.”

Plus, all the leftover stuff from the factory and pre-loved customer suits are collected to generate electricity at a thermal power station in Tomakomai City, Hokkaido. And! BEWET’s Factory is powered by a solar power system! Look, eco-friendly gear is nothing new, but we can totally back this.

Oh, and, they look killer, too.

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