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Passenger clothing plants trees - getyour passenger gear at

Passenger clothing plants trees - getyour passenger gear at

Passenger clothing is available on and remix are proud  to stock and support this brand in what they do.

Waves & Trees

Waves & Trees

For every order, we plant two trees.

We grew up around trees. We climbed them, we sat up against them, we looked up to them. They are all around us down here in the New Forest, the place we call home. In every direction, we’re surrounded by waves and trees.

These two elements continue to map out our adventures, draw us to explore new destinations and continue to inspire us. They remind us to spend more time in the wild outdoors, and teach us to respect the places we love.

To pay them back, we decided to plant two trees for every order we receive.

The first tree is planted here in the New Forest. The second helps to literally make a new forest in one of our favourite parts of Ireland. It’s our way of giving back to these communities, supporting reforestation and providing sanctuary for the local wildlife we share this part of the world with.

This isn’t a whim. We worked hard to get this project off the ground and find the right partners to make it happen. It was essentially the reason we started Passenger in the first place; to take more time exploring, wild camping, on surfing trips, spending time in these rugged coastal forests.

And this is just the beginning. We’re working on other projects right now to plant fruit trees for sustainable living in new countries and locations, giving wildlife a home and helping in whatever way we can to protect the planet.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy Waves & Trees as much as we do!


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